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If You Want It Go And Get It!

on September 1, 2013

This sounds like a battle cry or a call to arms, but really it was inspired by a custard tart.

Most fat people indulge in private, hidden from the disapproving stares of others.  We go through the drive through, we order in or we buy two drinks with our take out so that no one knows that all that food is for one person.  Some of us have mastered the art of eating and driving, able to unwrap a breakfast burrito with one hand while driving with the other, some wait until they get home and some will go through a drive through and then sit in the parking lot.  This last one has always puzzled me.  There is no added benefit to sitting in your car and eating if you are stopped.  One, people can see you and know exactly what you are doing and two, it’s impossible to say that it’s time saving to eat in the car since you very clearly aren’t getting anywhere fast so it becomes obvious that you’re trying to hide.

Indulging in secret may be more comfortable and less stressful, but it also leads to overeating and overindulging and while the odd treat isn’t something to beat yourself up about what often happens is that instead of just having a piece of cake after your meal in a restaurant you buy a whole cake and end up eating it all yourself.  Granted you may not eat it all in one sitting, but even spread out over a week that much indulging is likely too much.

Living with other people can compound the problem.  Either they are closet indulgers as well and so you commiserate and give permission to each other to indulge and now there are possibly two cakes in the fridge or you attempt to hide your indulgences and instead of eating half the package of cookies, for which you will be reprimanded, you eat the whole package of cookies so that no one will ever know there were cookies.

Not only could this create food hoarding and bulimic behaviours, but it’s also no one’s business what another adult eats.  I feel very strongly that we need to follow the French example and have small portions of really good food.  A bite of cake wouldn’t hurt anyone if we could appreciate it without judgement and ridicule and separate the emotion from it.  It’s just a bit of cake, it’s not love, it’s not going to give you a hug and it’s not going to speak kindly to you. Savour the taste and then move on to something else.

I decided this summer that if I wanted something that I might feel bad about eating in public that I had to go in and get it myself.  No slinking through drive throughs.  Initially this meant no treats for me, one, because I didn’t want to be seen ordering a Big Mac combo and two, when I was in the States I noticed that they started posting the calorie counts of their foods right on the menu.  I’m not sure what it’s doing for their business, but I can tell you it was a definite deterrent for me.  Regardless, last week I had ice cream with a friend.  We sat at a table in a local Baskin Robbins and I enjoyed my two scoops of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and we talked and laughed and no one said boo. I’m not looking for a high five for eating ice cream, but I am happy that I didn’t buy a litre of ice cream and take it home and eat it all by myself.  It’s a small achievement, but I’ll take it.

– the Goddess



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