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Product Review 0007 – Burlesque Beat, Rodney James

on September 7, 2013


Find it here.

I have to admit that I had no idea who Rodney James is, but apparently he’s danced in several stage shows, has a successful fitness business and he was a dancer in Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge.  When I first put on the video I was a bit put off by his initial address since he seemed more smarmy than sexy and I wasn’t sure if he was perhaps still in his cups from the night before as he seemed to struggle to keep his eyes open, but after watching for a bit he does seem to know how to dance.  I will warn you this video is not for the more prudish amongst us.  The dancing is more on the sleazy side of sexy and Rodney James spends most of his time in what look like black shiny lycra or possibly pleather hot pants so if you are prone to clutching your pearls this is not the exercise video for you.

According to the blurb on the back of the DVD case “This program is based on exercises designed to develop the core strength of real women of all shapes and sizes.”  While there were a lot of moves I could do there was a lot I really couldn’t like moves that were similar to plank or downward dog in yoga.  I also don’t own a chair that is appropriate for dancing.  Most of my furniture is pretty sturdy and what isn’t would likely not want me jumping all over it, so some of the moves I just had to hang about until they moved on to something I could do.  I’m not going to toss this one in the reject pile because I did think it was a bit of fun, but I doubt this will be in high rotation in my home exercise regime.

Overall the DVD was interesting and certainly something new to try so I give it  6.0 out of 10 goddesses.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “Product Review 0007 – Burlesque Beat, Rodney James

  1. deb hammer says:

    DVD had some stretches based on yoga and usual dance warm ups. Routine easy and fun. The star of the show was a bit much. .excellent dancer though. More of a once off watch than a fitness program. Giving me permission to be sexy as a woman?…what an ego. Good entertainment value. Give it 5 out of 10.

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