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Product Review 0009 – Stretching For Flexibility, Yoga Zone

on September 8, 2013


Find it here.

I bought this DVD to help with my back issues.  The DVD is broken into two different programs.  I preferred the first to the second, because I could do more of the poses and didn’t have to modify as much, but both were pretty good.  I did find that I had issues with some positions done on the knees, but I just modified by standing where I could.  I found the instruction thorough and encouraging, but also a little too chatty or repetitive throughout.

Several times the instructions mentioned the sitz bones or said “Pull the fleshy part of your butt back.”  I’m just immature enough to grin every time they told me to grab my bum and move it.

I liked this DVD and I have done it a few times now so I guess it’s a keeper.  I give it 7 out 10 goddesses.

– the Goddess


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