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Yoga Pose Sequence Builder – Coolest Thing Evah!!!

on September 9, 2013

A few years ago my friend Don was studying to become a yoga instructor and he was kind enough to practice on me.  He’s a great instructor and I learned a lot and we talked about designing a program that would be something fluid that I could get up each morning, go through the paces and then go about my day.  I wanted to design a  routine that was challenging, but within my grasp that I could progress through in about fifteen minutes.  The Sun Salutation would be an example of such a routine, but I’m not good with lunging one foot forward and between my arms or plank or downward facing dog.  It could be my short arms or my tight hips, but for whatever reason I find that routine  difficult.

Flash forward a couple of years and tonight I found this on  More specifically I found the yoga pose sequence builder.  With a little hunting and pecking you can find pictures of all your favourite yoga poses and with a simple click each pose is added to your very own sequence.  If you join, which is free,  you can save your sequences and print them out when you like.  So far I’ve created two – The Morning Wake Up and The Afterwork Settle Down.

I prefer a very fluid form of yoga, where one pose slides into the next with relative ease and grace.  Not all styles of yoga incorporate this kind of movement, for example I went to a couple of yoga retreats run by a lovely woman named Cheryl who practiced Kripalu yoga which as far as I can tell is about practicing a pose and holding it for a longer period of time and then moving on to another pose.  It’s fine,  but I always felt that there was an element of  “stop and start” with this form of yoga and I found it a bit distracting.  With the sequence builder I’ve been able to look at the various poses, and I’ve created routines where, with very little readjustment, one pose leads to the next.

This may not be of as much importance to you as it is me, but the point is that I can look at all the poses and see what I want to do and possibly learn a few I wasn’t aware of.  The only drawback to the pose list, and it is a small one, is that the poses are organized alphabetically by their proper names as opposed to the common names I know like cat, cow, pigeon or mountain.  Those names are also there and of course the pictures, but I have trouble remembering that mountain pose is Tadasana.  I might remember when I hear it, but I wouldn’t come up with that one on my own.

Regardless I may be up all night creating new routines, I am THAT excited right now.

– the Goddess


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