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Random Thoughts About My 40 Challenges

on September 11, 2013

Of the 40 challenges (plus one extra one) that I proposed for myself for my 40th year, 35 remain undone and I am almost exactly 6 months along.

  • A few are complete, a few had to be changed and a few are almost done.
  • I have signed up for Habitat for Humanity and that challenge will be completed by the end of October.
  • I have returned to my aquafit classes at the YMCA and any day now I am going to make it to the drop in adult swimming lessons.  Any day, I can feel it.  Not today, but I’m sneaking up on it.
  • I have two weeks of vacation to use up, one in October and one in December so I will be using those weeks for some challenge busting.
  • I have finished 34 hats and numbers 35 and 36 are on the needles.  I will be very glad when the hats are done.  I have used the better part of 45 balls of yarn so far and my ultimate goal is to rid my house of all the knitting projects so I can focus on all the other craft supplies I have, but when 40 hats are done I will be calling this one complete because much more knitting and I’m going to have carpal tunnel and tennis elbow.
  • Because I was sick much of the summer and part of the excitement of creating the garden oasis was to make a nice romantic setting for my now ex-boyfriend and I to enjoy, I’ve had neither the ability nor the gumption to work on my gardens, no doubt to the chagrin of my neighbours.  In the next week or so I will be putting the gardens “to bed” for the season and I am giving myself an extension on this challenge.  Come May 24 weekend, before which no Canadian gardener has any business planting anything without risking frost, I shall revive the garden and plan a small outdoor party for those who have helped me with my challenges.  My friends have been so great helping me to accomplish my goals that it’s only right that I do something for them.  But shhh don’t tell, I want it to be a surprise!
  • Petting zoos do not routinely keep horses and I’ve found that when I ask people if they have a horse that I could befriend they look at me like I must be a little touched.  I had not figured that this would be one of the more difficult challenges, but I continue to plod along.
  • I don’t think there is such a thing as snow golfing so I need to get that challenge done before the snow flies.
  • Half of the hula hoop challenge is done, that is to say I bought one and assembled it.  So far that’s about as far as that has gotten since it seems I am dead crap at it.  I remember it being so easy as a kid, but so was roller skating and I’m pretty crap at that too.
  • I didn’t get into an aquacycle class for the fall, and I’m not sure if there is room in the winter classes.  It was an interesting idea, but if it doesn’t pan out then I will find something I haven’t done before and try that.  I’m not sure if it will sound as ridiculous as aquacycle, but I will do my best.

So on the upside things are moving along.

– the Goddess


7 responses to “Random Thoughts About My 40 Challenges

  1. DawnSeeker says:

    As a horse-person myself, keep up the quest for befriending a horse — what a beautiful way of putting it! Try feed stores, tack stores, Barns, stables. The horses want to befriend you — you just need to work on the humans!

    Try Craig’s List: “Have carrots — looking for hungry horse” — or something along those lines.

    Visit my horse blog and come with me on a virtual ride — : ~ ))

  2. Jen says:

    I have a couple of friends that ride and have horses. If you’d be interested, I could speak to them about your challenge and see what they think about arranging a day out to meet one of their horses. 🙂

  3. Heidi says:

    Wow. 40 challenges sure is a lot. I’m 51 – does that mean I should line up 52 challenges for next January? I think I’ll stick with 5 a year until I’m 60, that’ll do me! It’s such a great idea, though. Mine would be
    1. Get the vegetable patch properly organised (spring here, so NO excuses)
    2. Get some more paid work and/or get a business idea off the ground that I’ve had for a few months
    3. Go to the gym more than twice a week
    4. Write more
    5. Do something completely new that I’ve never done before
    The garden party with your friends sounds fantastic! How about asking them to bring something small for the garden – a cutting or some seeds, then you’ll be well on the way to having a renewed garden oasis.
    I’m hopeless at hula-hoops, I never could do them even as a kid, some things I just have to accept are not for me. Plenty of other stuff to try.
    All the best with your other challenges!

    • It’s true I never realized how BIG a number 40 is until I decided to do 40 things. Especially when some of those 40 things incorporated 40 tasks. But I did the books, I’m almost done the hats, and I’m working on the recipes and the DVD reviews. I love your idea about the clippings and I definitely think 5 things a year is a good goal. My only caveat is that you might want to rework them into finite tasks. So for instance writing more could be defined as a certain number of pieces, or writing a book, or writing a play something that will give you a clear goal and also the satisfaction of crossing it off the list.

      Good luck with your challenges!

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