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Maybe I’ll Tweet Myself Thin

on September 22, 2013


Whenever one diets or starts a new exercise regime there is always the question of whether or not they should tell someone.  I’m of the mind that diets are secret and exercise is for publication.  Partly because regardless of  whatever eating plan I’ve tried someone always wants to tell me how it’s wrong or they know someone who failed trying that or I should change this or that and the next thing I know every morsel I put in my mouth is being analyzed and dissected and I want to throw up just to change the conversation.  Exercise is different.  Other than the real fanatics who want to tell you how many reps of some unnatural movement like a “burpee” one should be doing most people just say “way to go” when you tell them you’ve been to the Y or taken a belly dance class.

I found this article published in January which talks about a study done by the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health   that shows that using Twitter and other social media might help us get in shape.  While this may not seem obvious when you think about the number of pasty teenagers who have become one with their comfy chairs, a smartphone and a bag of corn chips, apparently tweeting each other about diet and exercise can help with weight loss.

Participants in the study were asked to listen to weekly health podcasts, but half of the dieters were also connected on line and to a weight loss counselor, creating a de facto support group.  The “connected” dieters were better able to stick to their regimens over the 6 month period and according to the study every ten posts on twitter correlated with a 0.5 percent drop in body weight. This social network or connection mimicked the social support of many commercial weight loss programs like Weight Watchers which include weekly meetings as part of their program.  The study concluded that providing this kind of support could be a low cost way to reach a lot of people with similar goals.

I agree that for those who want this kind of interaction that this might be a good way to connect, but I’ve tried most of the commercial weight lost programs and to be quite frank I can’t stand hearing people whine about how they wrestled all day with a craving for jelly beans or hearing them moan and carry on as if the world will end because they gained half a pound that week.  I grew up in a household where weight was a big deal and at every meal food and calories were discussed and the amount we ate was justified by what we had or hadn’t eaten that day.  We discussed new weight loss fads and what we would do if we were thinner and  it was horrible.  We didn’t lose weight, we didn’t support each other and we certainly didn’t enjoy our food.  When I moved out on my own I declared a moratorium on such conversations at meal times.  If my parents wanted to see me and share a meal that was lovely, but if the conversation turned to calorie counting and justifications of dessert and second helpings I shut it down or left the table and I am much happier as a result.  What I put into my mouth is my business, I am responsible for my weight and sitting around whining and complaining and looking for someone or something to blame is only going to slow my pursuit of better health and an appropriate body weight.  However if it works for you, then feel free to ignore me.

And for the record I went to the Y this morning.  I did a Muscle Works Aquafit class and then did crunches and stretching on my own during Free Swim.  Yay me!

– the Goddess


7 responses to “Maybe I’ll Tweet Myself Thin

  1. I agree with you, but I also say easier said than done, at least for me. Years of those food conversations have left their mark, and all of that training isn’t easy to unlearn. I’m working on it, though!

  2. nancytex2013 says:

    The day we take responsibility for our lives is the day we can stop whining, griping, complaining and endlessly talking about food, calories, and why, why, why we’re overweight. Great attitude, Goddess – and great post.

  3. There’s something similar to your family dinners that’s driving me nuts at times. I suffer from a recalcitrant tummy that gives me horrendous reflux and basically doesn’t like food. Any food. It’s a struggle to eat enough not to lose weight and have some energy to do stuff – I’m 5kg down since March and 1kg off being seriously underweight 😦 . Luckily, many of my friends and even acquaintances are experts, heck, they know more than the gastroenterologist! They’re always telling me what I should or shouldn’t be eating, what special elimination diet would fix the problem for sure, what supplements would instantly cure me. Stop right there… I’ve had enough of it. It’s bad enough taking 12 tablets a day and I’ve already tried all the &^%$# diets (they just made me lose more weight and feel worse). OOps. better stop ranting – heck, I feel better now, though, glad I got that off my chest!

  4. I’m glad I could give you a forum for a much deserved rant. It’s true everyone has a strong opinion on food and what the best is for you. I once had a woman, seeing me drinking a glass of water, tell me how good it was for me to drink water and did I know how good it was for me. This was in the last 10 years, she talked to me like I was soft in the head and I wanted to bop her in the nose, but alas I just thanked her and backed away from her.

    I hope your tummy issues get better soon. Have you tried.. . . I kid, I kid 🙂

    • Yep, that’s the worst kind of ‘expert’, the ones who tell you the bleeding obvious! Closely followed by the messianic types who get all huffy when you don’t want to live off cactus seed or whatever! 😛

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