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Product Review 0011 – Simply Tai Chi

on October 2, 2013

Find it here.

I bought this package, which includes the DVD and an instruction booklet, from the clearance table in a “big box” bookstore.  It’s not bad, but I am glad I didn’t pay full price.  The production value of the DVD is pretty low so it looks a lot like a local cable access program, and I could hear the female presenter shuffle the notes she was reading from at one point, but the presenters seem to know what they are doing.  I took a  Tai Chi class at a retreat several years ago so I knew that it was very slow and methodical, but the female presenter spoke in such a slow monotone that it was slightly off putting and I was looking for a way to turn off her instructions.  Otherwise I found the instruction clear which was good since Tai Chi movements involve a fair bit of coordination and I think that after doing this DVD a few times I would be able to figure out the various movements and learn them.  One drawback, likely related to their production budget, was that they only showed the movements with the presenters looking forward into the camera.  I would have liked to see different perspectives so that I could better see what they were doing.

The program or routine that they teach is short enough that I could see myself learning it and eventually doing it without the DVD and according to the presenters and another review I read they have created a routine which takes up less floor space, because apparently Tai Chi requires a lot of room. I will do the DVD again because overall the movements are good and I could feel the stretches and see that they would help with flexibility, balance and range of motion, but save your money and leave it on the shelf if you see it.

I give it 5.0 out of 10 goddesses.

– the goddess


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