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Apropos Of Nothing: Warm Goat Cheese Salad With Chicken

on October 10, 2013

Some days I just need to share how much I love something.  This isn’t a vegan recipe, it’s not a challenge and depending on how much cheese you add it’s not even a “light” meal, but if you’re looking for something a little different and you like a bit of curry, a bit of goat cheese and a tonne of flavour you have to try this.  A friend made this for me a few years ago and since then I’ve made it for a lot of other people and always to rave reviews.

Mixed greens or Mesclun mix

Goat cheese

Curry powder or paste

Red pepper cut in strips

Onions cut in strips

Portabello mushrooms chopped or favourite mushrooms sliced

Grilled chicken, diced or shredded (optional)

Extra virgin olive oil

Balsamic dressing or your favourite oil/vinegar based dressing, sometimes I make my own concoctions with balsamic, horseradish and extra virgin olive oil

1. In a small bowl mash the goat cheese with the curry powder.  This is to taste. Usually mine is pretty yellow with a little white, but experiment.  If you taste the cheese at this point the flavour will be more intense then what you will experience mixed with the other flavours. Put this in the fridge to chill.

2. Using the olive oil sparingly saute the onions.  Remove from pan, then saute the peppers.  Remove from pan and saute the mushrooms.  If it’s just me I toss them all in together, but they can look a little muddy from the mushrooms. Keep warm!

3. In large individual salad bowls layer the ingredients:

  • Greens on the bottom
  • Chicken
  • Curried goat cheese
  • Sauteed onions, peppers and mushrooms
  • Dressing to taste.

The trick is that the cheese melts through the salad because the veggies are warm.  You do not need to use very much cheese, probably a tablespoon per salad will suffice, or to taste, and trust me less is more.  Typically what I do when serving this is put out the individual ingredients and let people put it together themselves, but whatever works for you.  If there are leftovers I store the components separately and then you can microwave the veggies, or I just use them cold and the salad is still really good.  I’ve also made the salad with green peppers or leftover pork loin and it’s still an amazing blend of flavours.  I think next I may try some grilled veggies on the bbq like eggplant and zucchini.

Bon appetit!

– the Goddess


One response to “Apropos Of Nothing: Warm Goat Cheese Salad With Chicken

  1. It’s true, it is great!

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