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Gobble Gobble!

on October 15, 2013

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving.

just like it’s American namesake it’s characterized by football, parades and gluttony.

Unlike US Thanksgiving however, which is always celebrated on the Thursday, Canadians can choose which day of the weekend to hold their big dinner.  Most seem to choose Sunday, though many choose Monday and in my family we’re a little bit different and do it on the Saturday.  Regardless of the day it’s celebrated, the following day is unofficially “Fat Pants Day” or “Stretchy Pants Day”.  In fact several different radio announcers on different stations (I like to flip around a lot) were calling it Fat Pant Sunday as I drove to the Y.

They were saying it to be funny or perhaps to reflect their own wardrobe choices, but all I could think about was how we subject ourselves to these high calorie meals and completely go off the proverbial wagon instead of remembering the true purpose of holidays.  The point, as I understand it is about being thankful for our good fortune which absolutely includes the bounty of the harvest and tasting the delights of the season, but somewhere over the years this has come to include unbuttoning our pants during a meal and causing ourselves discomfort and indigestion.

I am proud to say that this year I ate and I indulged in treats like pumpkin pie and I took in more fats and sugars than I would normally, but I didn’t leave the table feeling like a Roman on her way to the vomitorium.  I went to the gym on Sunday morning and I wasn’t suffering from a food hangover and when I got ready for work this morning my skirt buttoned without incident.  I’m not beating my chest in victory.  My waistline reflects a number of bad choices made throughout my life, but I’m counting this weekend as a small victory, a battle won while the war wages on and with Christmas looming I hope I can keep up the good fight.

– the Goddess


3 responses to “Gobble Gobble!

  1. I should bookmark this post as American Thanksgiving looms. A small gathering mixed with a favorite meal often ends with the food hangover you mentioned. I hardly think it’s a small victory to adjust your outlook.

  2. tifelayne says:

    I hope to do so well at our Thanksgiving in November!

  3. Thanks. It was nice to enjoy the break and spend time with my family and not be uncomfortable and want to just sleep the day away.

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