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More Halloween Costumes For Fat Girls

on October 16, 2013

Recently I’ve noticed more visitor traffic and when I drilled down a little further it seems that there are a lot of people looking for costume ideas for fat girls.  In fact if you search for Halloween Costumes For Fat Girls the fourth choice on Google is my blog of the same title from this time last year.

I have some simple rules for Halloween costumes for myself.  I need to be comfortable, I try to keep tripping hazards to a minimum, I hate to carry props like brooms and I refuse to be self deprecating.  If anything I want to sex it up and be a really sexy and buxom witch, instead of say the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

I did see an interesting costume which was Mr., or I suppose you could be Mrs., Potato Head.  Dependent on how involved you wish to make the costume you could tack the different body parts on and not ruin your beige or potato coloured shirt or you could commit a shirt to the cause and attach Velcro circles or pieces in order to attach and move about the various body parts.  The one definite plus in my book is that if you are the least bit crafty you could make a number of attachable pieces and change your costume each year or each party, or even during a party.  You could also have some fun by creating your own pieces like blood shot eyeballs and fangs for a true Halloween version of Mr. Potato Head.

I’m still digging the turtle idea with a painted tin foil roasting pan on your back and I was in the dollar store on the weekend and they had plenty of cheapie add ons that could help with some simple costumes like antennae for a lady bug, bunny ears, a sparkly halo, and even different kinds of wings which were for kids, but could be easily fitted to an adult with a little ribbon or elastic cord.  Also a little trick I learned recently is to cut tulle in lengths and then take a ribbon or piece of cord and knot the lengths of tulle around the ribbon or cord.  Dependent on how long or how full you wish to make it you can make a long over shirt for a witch costume or a tutu or an interesting ruffle.  Simple, no sew and pretty quick to do.  Also remember that less is more.  You don’t have to wear an entire formal costume when a cape and some make up can give the illusion of a vampire, a princess or a super hero.  I saw a clown costume that used colourful kitchen scrubbers strung on cord to create the illusion of a ruffle and a witch’s hat makes any black dress into a witch costume.

I don’t think I’m dressing up this year as I have signed up for a Burlesque class on the 26th which is the Saturday closest to Halloween, but I have been keeping my eyes open for something cute or fun or sexy that I could use when fancy dress is next required.  I may just tuck some antennae away and a few bits and pieces for a Lady Bug costume or once I learn to skate I’m thinking Roller Derby Girl!

– the Goddess


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