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Shhhh, I’m Meditating

on October 17, 2013

Challenge 25 is create a meditation space.  And here it is!

Chair Orange

Ok that’s my big comfy chair in my living room and all I really did was move some clutter away from it and kick the cat out of it, but it is now my Meditation Space.  I looked all around my house for a place I could put some cushions, I debated removing all the furniture, including the bed from the guest room and making a meditation room, I even considered setting up a spot in my garden, but I realized that none of these were going to entice me to meditate as they were either too far removed from my daily life or they just weren’t going to be that comfortable.  So the big comfy chair it is.

I bought this chair when I started my Master’s program and I decided that for once in my life I would have a place that was mine and fit me perfectly and would be a great place to read for school.  It turned out it was a superb spot for napping, but I also didn’t know I had a sleep disorder which explains a lot.  When I bought the chair I was living with my father and I cleared with him that he would be home when it was delivered.  I got a panicked phone call on delivery day because the chair dwarfed our couch.  For the record the chair is big, but the couch was really a love seat.

Eventually I think I will buy an ottoman for maximum meditation comfort so I can focus on my breathing and not how much comfier I would be if my feet were up, but this is minor and not in the budget right now.  For now I’m going to work on incorporating meditation into my week, possibly into every day and having a comfy spot to practice is the first step.

– the Goddess


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