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Today I Had a Fruit Cup, A Bowl of Soup, And A Lobotomy

on October 18, 2013

To pith the brain of an animal is to insert a sharp object into the back of the head where the spine meets the skull and you root around in there until you have destroyed the brain stem and the animal dies.  When I was in university I never had to perform this particular procedure, but I did read about it in our lab manuals when we needed fresh specimens for specific experiments.  I trust some of you just went in search of a bucket and that’s actually fine since I’m about to have a whine of epic proportion.

I want to whine about whining.  I want to whine about people who are so self involved and so caught up in “first world” issues that they think it’s important to discuss every calorie that they ingest.

But I can’t.

I can’t because the truth is I feel disproportionate sadness and pity for these people.  Eating a salad today doesn’t make you a superhero any more than eating a cookie tomorrow will make you a villain.  Absolutely I talk about food. I’m a fat girl who writes a fat girl blog about fat girl issues, but I have never once told you my weight or my hip size or the average number of calories I ingest in a day because none of those things are related to my self worth.  Or at least they shouldn’t be.

I was raised in a home where fat was the only topic.  We talked about calories, diets, what we ate, what others ate, what we would do if we were thin, and how the latest super food or weight loss program was going to make all the difference.  I do believe it’s important to watch what one eats, I even believe it’s helpful to write it down or keep track, and I think that menuing and portion control are incredibly important and something that I need to work on, but as my friend Fiona pointed out, talking to someone obsessed with calories is about as exciting as talking to someone who is obsessed with the length of their bangs.  This likely explains why when someone starts telling me the calorie counts of particular food stuffs my first instinct is to find a hard surface against which I can smash my forehead.   I do my best to ignore that instinct, but I also do my best to change the subject or leave the conversation since it is just so unbearable.

A friend’s husband once went to a bar and met up with some friends who had all joined Weight Watchers together.  When he got back my friend and I were having a drink and we asked how his evening had been.  He told us he had learned the number of “points” in one beer.   We laughed and inquired again about his evening.  He closed his eyes, shook his head and again told us that he now knew the number of points in one beer.  Apparently points and calories were the only topics of conversation for the evening and he was not amused.  He went to see his friends, to chew the fat as it were, and instead he got to hear ad nauseum about their points totals for the day and how they could permit themselves one beer for the evening.  I think he was thankful that the limit on libations cut the evening short.

Absolutely, tell me what’s new and exciting in your life, but please, in the same way I self edit and don’t regale you with countless stories of how Miles A. Cat is just the sweetest, funniest creature alive, let’s limit the calorie talk.

– the Goddess


3 responses to “Today I Had a Fruit Cup, A Bowl of Soup, And A Lobotomy

  1. My immediate thought is, “Oh no, am I guilty of this?” I don’t think I am, at least not most of the time. My problem with weight watchers and other programs is that all I did when I was on them was obsess about food, which is the antithesis of what I want to do in my life. Every morsel was examined, every bite agonized over. Sheesh. I do not want to live like that! Thanks for another thought provoking piece.

    • I think it’s important to keep track, but if it’s all that one is doing then it can be destructive. To further inflict it on others is really just bad manners in my book. If someone is under or over by a few calories or points or fat grams in the grand scheme it’s really not that big a deal. Some days are better than others, sometimes on purpose, sometimes it just happens that way. Dwelling on it good or bad just seems pointless and at times defeating.

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