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Then Don’t Shell Out!

on October 31, 2013

One night a year little bunnies, firemen, and fairies wander my neighbourhood. With great determination their little legs carry them up walkways and front steps and sweet cherubic children scream “Trick or Treat” in hopes of receiving something sweet for their efforts.  Some years I shell out, some years I don’t, partly because of my schedule, partly because the incessant door bell ringing freaks out my cat, but mostly because I don’t want to have a lot of candy in the house.  I have given out Play-Doh and gum and healthier treats and I’ve thought of handing out what are effectively loot bag prizes, or little puzzles or funky pencils, but never in my life would I think to shame a child for being pudgy or possibly lacking in physical fitness.

A woman in North Dakota has decided that it “takes a village” and so she is apparently going to monitor the ghosts and goblins who come to her door and if she deems that they are too thick ’round the middle she is going to give them a note that essentially tells their parents that they are too fat to be eating candy and that she will not be giving them any. I checked to see if this was a hoax because it just cannot be possible that some witch has the sheer, unmitigated gall to do such a thing.

Absolutely it takes a village.  She could organize kids games at recess, she could organize an after school group to learn hula hooping, roller skating, bike riding, and jump rope, she could get elected to the school board and fight to have healthier school lunches, but instead she is going to shame small children.  What seems to have escaped her is that she apparently thinks she is talking to the parents and demanding that they take action.  What she is actually doing is bullying and fat shaming a bunch of little kids who just want to have fun one night of the year.

Absolutely I think parents need to monitor the amount of sugar and fat and calories their kids eat, especially around Halloween when sweets are so prevalent, but this is not the way you teach a kid to eat properly. Rather this is the way you teach a child to hide and hoard food, to eat out of defiance, and to eat to soothe hurt feelings.

A parenting expert said this morning on the CBC that tonight you should let the kids eat their fill even if it makes them sick and let them revel in the festivities and then ration it tomorrow.  I’m not sure about that, but I agree one night of revelry does not a fat kid make. Some parents take control of the amount of candy their kids eat by buying it back or rationing it a few pieces at a time.  According to the same child parenting expert it doesn’t actually matter which route you take as long as one is consistent with their messaging to the child that Halloween is one day a year.

As my friend Fiona pointed out today, she thought that the worst thing one could hand out on Halloween was raisins, but this woman takes the cake.

– the Goddess



3 responses to “Then Don’t Shell Out!

  1. I emailed the radio station asking what was the final outcome of the letters and the response i received was “don’t know of any children getting the letters and that perhaps the woman decided to not send them out after the media storm.

    • Thank you for the update I’m glad to hear it. It smacked of being a hoax to me at first and perhaps this woman was just looking for attention or perhaps she actually thought this was a good idea. Either way hopefully she’s learned to keep some of her “brighter” ideas to herself.

  2. When I heard the video report from the LA Times channel they had said it could be a possible hoax put on by the radio station itself. I mean there have been various radio stations that have done really stupid stunts for ratings and if that was or is the case then they should be sanctioned, fined and perhaps fired.

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