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A Hiking I Did Go

on November 10, 2013

Yesterday I visited my friend Joanne.  Jojo lives a little East and a whole lot North of me and if we got nothing else done yesterday we were going on a hike.  It’s been cold so I dressed warm and packed snow boots, but thankfully I didn’t need them.  We went to the Island Lake Conservation area and checked the map for a suitable route.

Hiking Collage

Joanne is an avid walker and hiker and has taken on walks of over 20 km, so I was a little worried that she would be disappointed if I couldn’t go too far, but she understood that I am trying to build up my endurance again and so we headed off with the understanding that when I got tired we would head back.

Joanne has a membership to the Conservation Area and it was a very pretty hike following the water’s edge.  It was a little muddy, but that’s to be expected given the rain we’ve had lately, and the walk was punctuated with small wooden bridges and outlook areas with benches.  I didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but I did enjoy seeing the various trees, pods and bull rushes as we walked along.  Joanne asked if I thought the red berries were edible and I said I didn’t think so and we talked quite a bit about how over history it was discovered which plants were edible, essentially by trial and error.  I imagined someone asking the same question, taking a bite, dropping dead and everyone else saying “Nope, it appears that is not edible, who wants to try this interesting looking mushroom?”

My back betrayed me a little bit as I walked and I had to stop a couple of times to stretch it out, but we walked a good stretch before I had had enough and needed to turn around.  By the time we reached the car again I was definitely hurting and I was in desperate need for another dose of  Ibuprofen, but the highlight of the walk was asking Jo if she thought we had walked about 2 km, which had been the minimum goal I had set for myself, only to have her tell me that we had walked closer to 5 km.

Challenge 30 is complete and I’m pretty pleased with myself.

– the Goddess


3 responses to “A Hiking I Did Go

  1. Fantastic! It must have felt great to discover you had walked that far. 5km was my goal for my post-hip-surgery walking endurance. I made it to about 4.5 km before I had to head back to work, but I think I could manage 5 now. The think I love about walking in nature is that it doesn’t feel like “exercise.” It just feels like I am enjoying creation, and the exercise sort of sneaks up on me by stealth. 🙂

  2. nancytex2013 says:

    Fantastic! Sounds like a great outing!

  3. Absolutely, it was so much nicer than walking through the suburbs.

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