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“Roller Girl Inside”

on November 11, 2013

Roller Derby 1

Saturday after our hike my friend Joanne and I went for a late lunch and planned on shopping in Orangeville for a bit before heading home.  On our way out  Joanne happened to notice a smallish poster just inside the door of the restaurant.  I missed it completely and she almost overlooked it because it looked like an ad for a tattoo shop, but instead it was for ROLLER DERBY!!!

We have been trying for nearly two years to go to roller derby, but schedules never seemed to work out and then suddenly it was kismet.  I’m not the most spontaneous person, but this was just too perfect an opportunity to pass up. It was just after 5pm, the roller derby was at the Orangeville Fair Grounds, not 20 minutes away, doors opened at 6 and the bout started at 7.  We had just enough time to hit a few of our favourite stores along the main street, grab a drink  and head off to the derby.

We got there about 6:30 and perused the various vendors selling derby related clothing and jewelery and then headed to the bleachers.  We found seats midway up the bleachers on the straightaway.  We hoped it was a good place to see the most action and we were right since the photographer set up in front of us.  The bout was between the Orangeville Pulp Affliction and the Milverton Decapulettes and by 7pm the bleachers were full.  The crowd was bigger than I expected and more varied than I expected including the very young and the elderly.

The derby wasn’t quite as fast paced as we imagined it would be with a lot of stopping and starting and although I had a rudimentary sense of the rules from watching Whip It I was a little baffled at first by the scoring, but it was so much fun watching the skill of the skaters and even the referees that  I just decided to go with it and let the experience wash over me.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that just as the audience came in all ages, shapes and sizes so too did the roller girls themselves.  Fishnets, hot pants and tank tops were the uniform of choice and regardless of age or size the femme fatales of the flat track rocked it.

It was also nice to see that despite the full contact nature of the sport there appeared to be a lot of camaraderie between the opposing teams and at the end of the game not only did the players of both sides line up to shake hands or I suppose give each other “5”, but the spectators were invited to come down to the edge of the track and show their appreciation in the same way.

My only regret of the evening was not getting a picture of the lone cheerleader.  A guy in jeans and work boots wearing a slightly creepy orange costume something like this but without the gloves or the dickie.  He danced and pranced about without inhibition, distracting us when play stopped and generally keeping the crowd worked up.  The highlight of his antics was when he got the wave going across all of the bleachers, but it moved faster than he did and he had to run to catch up to the wave that he was apparently leading.  By the end of the match I was exhausted, after all it had been a long day punctuated by a 5 km hike, but my dream to be a Roller Derby Girl was renewed.

– the Goddess



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