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On The First Day of Christmas. . .

on December 25, 2013

– Teri Sloat

My true love is supposed to give me a partridge in a pear tree.  Since there is currently a vacancy in the “true love” department and there is a centimetre of ice on everything in my neighbourhood this just will not do.  In the spirit of pushing out of our comfort zones and creating happy memories I suggest that on this first day of Christmas your gift is to take a picture of yourself.  All too often fat girls shy away from the camera, I know I do it myself all the time, but as I’ve said before I have come to realize that regardless of my goal weight it’s really nice to have a visual reminder of happy times and experiences.  When my ex and I split this year I realized that after dating for two and a half years there wasn’t one picture of the two of us together and I find that incredibly sad.  I hope that you are enjoying your holiday with friends and family and that you take the time to capture it.

– the Goddess


4 responses to “On The First Day of Christmas. . .

  1. nancytex2013 says:

    You count Dec 25th as the 1st day of Christmas? That’s interesting!
    I’ve always seen it done Dec 13 – Dec 24 as days 1-12 on the advent calendar/12 days of Christmas.

  2. You’re right about the photos and it applies to lots of people! I’m always the one who takes photos, so guess who’s hardly ever in them?

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