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On The Fourth Day Of Christmas. . . .

on December 28, 2013

My true love gave to me four calling birds.

Calling Birds

Sara Tyson

I’ve never been sure if a calling bird is a specific bird or just a bird that calls, but then I think that all birds have calls. . .I could look it up, but it’s one of those mysteries in life that I’m willing to live with.

Today I was going to take my mother “a calling” and go see my brother and his wife for lunch.  My brother has been recovering from surgery and illness for over a year now and the ice storm effectively shut down his street so he and his wife couldn’t make Christmas dinner this year.  Unfortunately when I contacted him today to see if the street was clear and set a time for our visit he responded that he had just gotten to the hospital and not to panic, but he wouldn’t be up for a visit after all.  Our day four adventure will thus be delayed, but if you can, I suggest that you check in and catch up with a friend or loved one you haven’t seen in a while.  All too often we think we’d love to catch up with someone we love and life gets in the way and another day, week, month goes by and we still haven’t done it.  Your time is now, your life is happening as we speak, so make the time to catch up.  A quick text, a hand written note, a phone call, or even stopping in is a lovely surprise for your friend or loved one and you’ll have fun too, I promise.

– the Goddess



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