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On The Seventh Day Of Christmas. . .

on December 31, 2013

My true love gave me seven swans a swimming.


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Today my mom and I are going swimming.  She has a pool in her building so you wouldn’t think this would be a huge effort, but my mom is pretty feisty in her desire to not get wet or mess up her hair.  In fact my pushing her to do this one thing for herself led to an argument on Christmas Day, but I gave her a sneak peek of what today’s activity is and she’s actually being a pretty good sport about it.  We’ll see how she feels when she actually gets in the pool, but her willingness is a positive step and I’m going to grab this opportunity to get her in the pool.

The benefits of swimming are many. It is the best exercise for pretty much anyone because it helps take weight off of joints,  helps to loosen tight muscles and if the pool is on the warm side it will help to soothe her arthritis.  It also improves muscle strength and tone and helps to improve bone strength especially in post menopausal women.  As an aerobic exercise it keeps the heart healthy, burns an impressive number of calories, strengthens lung capacity, and reduces cholesterol, lowers risk of diabetes, and helps one to relax and de-stress.  

If you have access to water then I suggest celebrating today with a swim.

– the Goddess


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