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On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas. . .

on January 4, 2014

My true love gave to me eleven pipers piping.eleven

Peter Ward

Piping, piping hot, coffee is piping hot.  I gave my mom a can of Tim Horton’s ground coffee.  If you live in Canada or in certain parts of the U.S. you will know that Tim Horton’s is as iconically Canadian as beavers, maple syrup and toques.   Essentially a doughnut shop they are so popular in Canada that it is hard to go very far without bumping into one.  In fact it is not unusual to find intersections with shops on multiple corners.  More than one person has told me that they have missed friends or meeting because they were at the right intersection, but the wrong Tim’s.

I’m not a fan of coffee or doughnuts so Timmies doesn’t hold a lot of allure for me, but I do smile when I see references to it outside of Canada.  Today being Saturday, and keeping with the piping theme I am going to suggest a cup of green tea.  Well known for its health benefits I try to drink green tea when I can, though I am actually not a fan of any hot beverages.  Sometimes I have it on ice and somewhere I have a recipe for green tea lemonade which is pretty good.

Enjoy your cuppa!

– the Goddess


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