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Dress Warm My Friends!

on January 5, 2014

Last week Toronto was under an extreme cold weather alert and while temperatures were more mild on Saturday, Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning ahead of the snow that I am currently watching fall.  I went out this morning and had plans for this afternoon, but decided better of it and I’m glad I did.  In an ideal world my office will be closed tomorrow, but there is no guarantee that operations will be put on hold for the weather and so I must prepare.

Typically I wear a light winter coat.  One because I am on and off of buses which can be warm and cramped, but two because it is the only winter coat I own that I can zip up properly without worrying that I will split the zipper.  I have a full length parka type coat which I just discovered I can zip up, but I am afraid that it strains too much around my bum and so it hangs in my closet.  I have a light coat which I used to wear as a winter coat, again for fit and certainly not warmth because it has a thin lining and nothing to insulate me against the cold.  On Friday it was so cold that my light coat was not enough and I threw my on my old coat over it.  Thankfully both are black and it hopefully wasn’t too too obvious that I was dressed in a manner typically reserved for those forced to wear all of their belongings at once.  Sadly even with both coats, leather gloves and my trusty beaver toque, which I must point out looks like a beaver, isn’t made of beaver, I was still cold walking to the office.

Regardless I am still one of the lucky ones because I have coats to wear in this weather.  All too often I see plus size people improperly dressed for the weather, either with a sweater or a wrap in place of a coat or with their coats worn open not because they are overheated, but because they cannot button them up.  It is difficult to find well fitting plus size clothes, especially at the larger end of the size chart, but I do encourage you to keep watch and if you can, then spend the money on a decent coat.  I’ve been really lucky finding items off season when the prices are much reduced, but there are times that I have spent full price because it’s unlikely that my size will be available at the end of the season.  (I do the same thing with bathing suits, but given that I can hardly hear myself think for the noise of the salters going by I’ll leave that for another time.)

A friend of mine wore Crocs most of last winter.  Not only do the holes and the open back make them inappropriate for the snow, but plastic freezes making them incredibly slippery and dangerous.  I suspect she wore them because they were slip on and for many of us bending over to lace up a pair of boots can be difficult if not impossible.  I am lucky that in my house there are stairs near the front door so I can put a foot up to tie my laces, but I do wear slip on boots when I am going to someone else’s home for fear that I wont have the same option.  Some may choose to wear their boots untied or with the laces knotted, but this can also be unsafe and lead to twisted ankles or falls.  If lacing up boots is difficult then I would suggest a sturdy pair of pull on winter boots, but personally I favour laced boots because of the added ankle stability.  I bought a nice pair last year, but I didn’t wear them because the laces were too short.  Most manufacturers don’t take into consideration that our legs and ankles are bigger and so the laces can often be too short to tie properly.  I did wear the boots once last winter, but after hooking the laces I could barely tie a bow and the boots were so tight that I could barely move my ankles.  In fact I slipped and fell while wearing them and they were so tight that I had great difficulty getting up again and I was embarrassed and a little panicked that I struggled the way I did.  This year I was able to find super long laces at the dollar store of all places and the boots have been great in this weather.

It is also important to find boots specifically made for cold weather.  For years I wore Doc Martens year round, but I also used to fall down a lot.  I didn’t realize for a long time that the soles of my boots were actually freezing in the cold weather and so I was essentially skating all the time I was wearing them outside. Crocs, or running shoes or any shoes or boots not intended for the cold and blow may have the same problems.  Again, watch for sales and, if you can, spend the money on a good pair of boots.  I have polished and treated  my boots and I expect that they will do me for many winters to come.

I’m going to bed with dreams of a snow day tomorrow, but if I must brave the weather then I know that I have sufficient gear.  For those affected by the snow please be careful, stay warm and be safe.  For those of you in warmer climates be assured that I am extremely jealous right now.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “Dress Warm My Friends!

  1. Sara says:

    Pretty sure you’re talking about me here re the winter-crocs… They’re comfortable! I’ll have you know I’m wearing boots with fur up past my ankles right now. Though they still don’t have the best sole for icy walking.

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