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In The Next 100 Days

on January 13, 2014

A friend posted this on Facebook the other day. In 100 days a woman named LaKeisha exercised every day and each day she recorded herself.  She, along with a number of other people, are posting their goals and accomplishments on a website called The premise is that one can improve or master something, anything they wish, in 100 days.  It might not take that long, it might take longer, but in 10 second daily videos one can show their progress.  If one doesn’t want to make their videos public they don’t have to, but it can be inspiring to see people try and succeed.

A bumble around the website shows that a lot of people have weight loss and fitness goals, but there are also those who want to draw or crochet or learn the tin whistle.  There is one man whose goal was to touch to his toes.  I’m guessing that his goal was related to losing weight or possibly increasing his flexibility because I am more than twice his size and I can touch my toes, but we all have our thing and it’s not for me to judge whether or not it’s important or worthy of such attention.  By the way he reached his goal in 41 days.

I’ve signed up on the site, but I haven’t decided what it is that I wish to accomplish in 100 days (though one can continue beyond that I’m not sure I have the time to invest in making a short daily video for longer than 100 consecutive days).  The one thing I do know is that I wish it to be something measurable.  A lot of people have put up videos and say that they want to lose weight or get healthy, but I’m not entirely sure what they will show us for over three months.  I am thinking that I’d like to work on walking more, or perhaps a new skill like playing the guitar, but I don’t want to commit to something until I’m sure I am actually interested enough to stick with it.

I’ll let you know when I start my 100 days.  In the meantime check out the site and maybe you can start your own 100 day journey.

– the Goddess


6 responses to “In The Next 100 Days

  1. What a great idea. One thing’s for sure, by the time we’ve done whatever it is every day for a hundred days it’ll have turned into a habit we can keep doing! I’m going to try and do my back-exercises every day, no matter what. 10 minutes a day, it’s got to be do-able!

    • And will you post the video for all to see?

      To be honest I’m not jumping into this one right away because taking daily videos is just one more thing to get done, but I may try when I have a few more challenges off my proverbial plate 😉

  2. I think I’ll stick with ticking it off on the calendar – the less effort the more likely stuff is to get done!

  3. I am not in to making the videos but for me if I could pick one thing to do every day for 100 days to develop a habit, it would be writing. That probably wouldn’t make a great video anyway 🙂

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