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Random Thoughts On A Random Monday, When I’m Feeling, Well, Random

on January 13, 2014

Today is one of those days when I just sort of bob along and deal with this and that, but I have no immediate dead line for anything and so far everything is moving along and it’s not a great day or an awful day, it’s just a day.  On high stress days these are the sort of days that I long for so I think I will try to cherish today and while it’s just sort of ho hum it’s a good ho hum.

  • My Saturday of doing nothing turned into a weekend of doing nothing when plans were cancelled last minute for Sunday, but regardless of my desire to revel in the nothingness and my telling myself that it was ok to accomplish nothing I still felt that I “should” have been doing more.  It’s not a bad case of the “shouldas”, but it does bother me that I need to work on relaxing.
  • I still have one hat to finish.  It is almost done, and by that I mean the pattern is done, but I need to finish the shaping at the top.  Friday night I decided that it was ridiculous to still have this hat lying about unfinished and if I’m not careful the cat will get to it before it’s tied off.  So I did something I know better than to do. . .I knit while I was tired and pushed myself to stay awake.  I knit 4 rows before I realized I had dropped a stitch, another two before I realized that I couldn’t catch it and repair the damage without going back and then I spent nearly 45 minutes “TINKing”.  That’s knitting backwards, undoing all the work I had done.  The only good thing about the experience is that I didn’t have to FROG the whole hat (that’s when you rip it out and start all over again – rip it, rip it get it?).  Knitting humour aside I was so frustrated that I fear that the hat may sit for another week before I pick it up again.
  • I booked a Thai massage today at FitZone Plus!  I am trying to finish up my challenges and this one was eluding me so I’m pretty excited.  There is also a Thai Massage Workshop on January 26, 2014 which looks very interesting and it’s a 90 minute workshop for I believe 40ish dollars which is a steal.  I really liked the atmosphere at FitZone Plus and I look forward to doing a similar workshop in the future. (I also noticed that today there is a groupon coupon for FitZonePlus, in case you want to try it out.  Hurry, because I’m not sure when that offer will expire.)
  • I’m thinking that my 100 day challenge might be to stretch daily.  While it sounds ridiculous, when I am stiff it goes through my mind that “hey, I just stretched like a week ago, so why am I still so stiff?”  It would be funny if it wasn’t true.
  • I finished the Vegan recipe challenge!!!  I haven’t posted all of the recipes yet as I think three posts in a row of recipes would be boring, but they will post this week.  Now I start on the exercise video reviews in earnest.  Why I thought that having challenges with 40 parts would be doable is a mystery to me, but I’m not a quitter so prepare to be dazzled with reviews very soon.
  • Speaking of challenges, if someone can recommend a Pilates studio with reformers in the GTA please let me know.

– the Goddess





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