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Product Review 0012 – Dancercise – 4 DVD Workout Set

on January 27, 2014


Find it here.

I bought this DVD set because I like to move and I like to dance and I thought that it would be fun to learn some basic dance moves while getting fit.  The only problem is that the instructors appear to be trainers or exercise instructors first and dancers second or perhaps a distant third if at all.  There was very little mention of the actual dance moves and no attempt to break anything down to teach the moves or proper form, in fact the instructors were almost non verbal when it came to actual descriptions of the move. They said that they were changing from one move to the next, but then the participant was expected to follow the visual cues.  As I am a visual person this wasn’t horrible, but not everyone is and there are some moves that really did need explanation.  At least the steps were repeated often in most of the DVD’s so if you missed it the first time you had a chance to catch it on the next pass.  Of the four DVDs – Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and Salsa – I think I liked the Salsa one the best since I could practice my Salsa moves, but Belly Dance was so watered down as to be laughable, Hip Hop was ok and Jazz just seemed like an aerobic work out, though there might have been some jazz hands in there, or maybe that was just my added touch.

I will do this DVD again, but with complete knowledge and understanding that it is not at all instructional when it comes to dance or dance moves and that at best one could say that the exercises on the four DVD’s are dance “inspired”.

I give it 6 out 10 goddesses.

– the Goddess


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