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The Caffeine Connundrum

on February 6, 2014

yawn coffee



I am not a coffee drinker.  I’m not big on the taste and I don’t like hot beverages so it’s never been a “thing” for me, but I do have an unhealthy relationship with diet Coke.  When my sleep issues were at their worst I was essentially “fixing” on diet Coke.  I knew, no matter which way I traveled, where the closest drive thru was, and I didn’t care if I was late to meet people or to appointments because no matter what I was doing or where I was going my first stop was always for pop.  When one chain offered large cups for a dollar during the summer months it was not unusual for me to buy two of them.  The pile of extra straws in my glove compartment was evidence of just how many times I had double dipped.  After a while I stopped liking the taste of diet Coke, but my addiction to caffeine fed my thirst for it.  Even when my sleep issues were discovered and resolved the behaviours were so entrenched that I continued to seek out my drug whenever possible.

I have given up caffeine and diet Coke a few times and now I am trying again.  I’m not going cold turkey, but rather I am working to reduce the amount of caffeine and subsequently artificial sweetener in my diet by switching to cold tea, the occasional iced coffee and yes in the snow yesterday I did break down and buy a pop.  The benefits are clear caffeine is bad for high blood pressure, it’s a drug so best to not be dependent on, and diet Coke is sweetened with aspartame which may also have detrimental health effects.  But I won’t lie to you.


I want to curl up in a ball and sleep until the proverbial cows come home.  I am going to bed earlier, I am eating better, I am drinking more water, but the lack of caffeine is causing me to do head bobs at my desk.  I know this will pass, I know I will feel better for having the chemicals out of my body and I know at least two friends who will stop lecturing me about the ills of diet Coke anytime now, but I have to admit that I’m struggling.  I’m also trying to remember that the foot of snow that was dumped on us yesterday, the severe cold weather warnings and the lack of sunlight are also contributing to my desire for near constant napping, but right this minute all I can think about is how an icy diet Coke would make me feel better, at least in the short term.

I’m strong, I can do this, but if you see me on the bus well after my stop please wake me and point me in the right direction cuz I’m a little bumfuzzled.

– the Goddess



4 responses to “The Caffeine Connundrum

  1. nancytex2013 says:

    Giving up diet pop (or pop in general) is such a wonderful WONDERFUL thing you are doing for your body, Cynthia. Go you!

    Another bloggy friend of mine, Kathy at Hiking to Health is in the process of giving up diet coke too. she last wrote about it here; Pop over, maybe it’ll provide a bit of inspiration and motivation to keep going.

    Good luck – stay strong!

    • Thank you for the encouragement and the link to the blog.

      Diet coke for breakfast . .no stranger than coffee or tea frankly. There is research that shows that artificial sweeteners are making us fat and I have cut it out of my diet in all forms except for the diet Coke. I just wish I didn’t feel like crawling under the furniture to grab a nap all day long 😛

      • nancytex2013 says:

        I guess I just don’t like gas-y drinks in general, so the idea of having one first thing in the morning is super gross to me.

        Cutting the artificial sweeteners is so smart. You are doing your body a world of good. Wishing you the best of luck.

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