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Going For Thai

on February 9, 2014

Challenge 20 was to go for a Thai Massage.  I learned about this form of massage a few years ago and from what I could tell it involved a practitioner guiding one through a series of yoga like movements.  I wanted to try it because as a big girl it would mean that someone could help me push a stretch that little bit further, but as a big girl I was also intimidated because I worried that I might be “too much” for a practitioner to handle.

I looked around on line for a place close to home, but I wasn’t having a lot of luck and then a few weeks ago I was deleting old emails and I checked out my spam folder and there was a message from FitZone Plus offering special introductory rates for Thai Massage.  It was kismet.  FitZone Plus is size inclusive so if they were offering it they must be prepared for someone like me, I like to support FitZone Plus because I like what they offer and there was a discounted price which made my frugal heart very happy.

There were only a couple of spots available and the email was a few days old so I immediately emailed to see if there was any chance I could nab one of the spots and I did.

There was a slight hiccough to the plan when the therapist cancelled the night before and they had to scramble to find a replacement.  While FitZone Plus was able to find another therapist they weren’t able to honour the discounted price, but they were apologetic and did offer that I could cancel or reschedule which I appreciated.  In for penny, in for a pound I opted to keep the appointment and I wasn’t disappointed.

The therapist was a slight woman named Nora and after filling out a health form we got started.  She explained that Thai massage has been around for thousands of years and it is based on meridians.  Originally it was done in pairs and each partner was trained in Thai massage.  Now obviously the practice has been modified so that non practitioners can receive the benefits. Nora told me that a full Thai massage would take nearly two and half hours and that even she, a former gymnast, would have trouble with a few of the poses due to her back issues.  My experience with Yoga has taught me to only go as far as I can and with that in mind Nora worked me through a variety of gentle stretches and poses.  For the most part I was sitting on the floor supported with a bolster under my hips as she worked my most troublesome areas the hips and lower back.  She explained what she was doing and we chatted and I allowed myself to relax and take it all in.  At one point she was talking and although she was digging into my hips which her knuckles it seemed her voice was a little further away and very clear for someone who was obviously in an awkward position.  I turned and realized that what I thought had been knuckles was actually her feet.  I had forgotten that Thai massage practitioners use their whole bodies to manipulate and massage.

My 60 minutes was over too soon and given my back and hip issues Nora suggested that if I did wish to do it again that a 90 minute session might be better.  Sadly as many Thai massage practitioners are not Registered Massage Therapists and therefore not covered by my health insurance I’m afraid that it will have to be a treat as opposed to a regular activity for me, but I enjoyed the experience and I hope I can create some room in my budget for another session soon.

– the Goddess


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