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Random Thoughts While I Nurse A Banged Up Knee

on February 26, 2014

Ahh some days you just have to laugh.  Well, ok, first you might cry, but then hopefully you can laugh.  Yesterday I parked my car at work, got out of the car, took one step and fell down HARD on my left knee.  I was shaken, my knee was scraped and dirty, but I got myself up, took a deep breath and walked towards the parking lot exit.  Just as I headed up the ramp that leads from the lot to the street I fell again.  Same knee, just as hard, but more shaken since apparently the lot was out to get me.  Thankfully the final score remained Icy Parking Lot:2, The Goddess:0

  • On Sunday I went to the Y.  I need my aquafit classes to stretch out my back and I’ve been such a recluse lately that I needed to see some friendly faces.  I had intended to make the 8:30 class, but settled for the 10:30 class after I decided that I couldn’t skip breakfast and I headed out the door in good time and got to the Y ahead of schedule.  Then it got weird.  I headed down the first aisle of the parking lot and realized too late that someone had parked illegally so my crossover couldn’t fit through the gap.  I tried backing up, but the gentleman behind me in his compact car could not seem to grasp the situation so I had to get out and explain to him that I was blocked in.  He grumped at me and finally moved back just enough so I could pull over and he could pass, and his little car just fit meaning that I would have certainly scraped Jeannie Rondo quite badly.  I managed a 15 point turn, got myself out of the lot and headed to the secondary lot.  Unfortunately a community parade started down the street and blocked the entrance to the driveway.  My mother lives in a condo not far from there, so I thought perhaps I could go swimming there, but alas when I got to her place it turned out she couldn’t find her key to the pool.  The aquafit gods laughed at me, but I think I get an A for effort.
  • Robin Lawley wants the term “plus size” to be banned and thinks that all clothing designers should make clothes for larger sizes.  While I appreciate the sentiment I have to say this is just doesn’t make any sense to me.  To design for a plus size figure is a skill.  It is not just adding fabric to an existing cut, but rather it’s about understanding our curves and our proportions.  For years I wore denim jeans which never fit properly because those designing them just seemed to upsize the original pattern.  For years I had to walk around with cuffs on my jeans or look rumpled because for my waist measurement I was expected to be at least six inches taller.  Besides you can stop using a term, but someone is always going to come up with something possibly less inviting like the Husky section or better yet call it the thick section.  I like that certain stores and certain designers cater to my size and shape.  Unfortunately they may not always make what I want available which is why I am seriously considering creating my own plus size clothing empire.  I barely know how to sew and I know nothing about pattern making or fabrics, but I’m not about to let that stop me.
  • I was referred to a site recently by a blogger who said that the site offered socks and stockings which fit generously.  What she meant was that she could wear what they sold as thigh high stockings as knee socks.   Needless to say my search for sexy plus size hosiery which fits and which won’t fall apart before I get it on continues.
  • Because of my recent health issues I’ve decided that trampolining may not be in my best interest right now so I am looking for an alternative activity that pushes my comfort zone a bit.  I am open to suggestions though I’m thinking an archery lesson might be interesting.
  • My knee is stiff, but between icing I’ve been applying Witch Hazel and it’s kept the swelling and bruising under control.  I was raised in a household where we used Witch Hazel much like the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” used Windex.  Perhaps the name is off putting, I don’t know, but seriously I think it is a miracle cure all and I always have it on hand.  If you’re looking for it in the drug store it’s usually next to the Rubbing Alcohol.

– the Goddess


11 responses to “Random Thoughts While I Nurse A Banged Up Knee

  1. tinfoil27 says:

    First off sorry to hear about your fall. glad your getting around.Your always telling me something I didn’t know like the whole plus size term being banned. I think it is a very nice gesture. The thing about us big woman is were so different when it comes to our body’s. I almost think there is a difference between thick and “fat” with saying this I agree with the ban because of more choices for everyone its the woman who have to realize what they can and cannot wear. Even woman who aren’t really plus size need to comes to terms with “What not to Wear” sometimes even if you have that uhhh I don’t thinks so you may be surprised when trying them on. Trying things on is always the way to go even if it is a pain in the rump! Anyways love the post interesting as always.

    • It’s so true, how we carry our weight differs so much that I can have the same weight, height and therefore BMI and someone else and yet we can’t wear each other’s clothes. I have friends who look fabulous in maxi dresses, but because I’m a couple sizes smaller through the shoulders than I am through the hips I look rumpled and pinched at the same time. I have a lot of my shirts and pants made for me to ensure that I look neat and businesslike, but that isn’t a viable option for everyone and finding a dressmaker who can fit you properly is a challenge. One friend took a pattern to a dressmaker for a bridesmaid dress and asked him to modify it. When he was done it was so bad that she called me frantically and my dressmaker had to take it all apart and rework it to make it sit properly and not gather and pucker in all the wrong places.
      I can designers expanding their lines, but I think it is folly to think that a particular piece of clothing is going to work on a size 2 and a size 32. If you’re debating this think of the weddings you’ve been to where bridesmaids all wear the same dress on very different body types with varying degrees of success.

  2. nancytex2013 says:

    Sorry about your knee. Thanks for the tip about Witch Hazel. I suffered a neck injury / brain aneurism at Monday’s Pure Barre class (you’ll understand if you read the post) 🙂 I’ve been using a hand held massager on my neck to try to loosen it up, but I may drive on over to the drug store and pick up some of your miracle cure.

  3. Ouch. Some days nothing works! I’ve been slack about exercising and need to get back into it before my back and neck fall apart. Lazy doesn’t work anymore at my age… Maybe you could start dressmaking as a new hobby? I knew nothing about sewing until I had kids, my son was a big baby who didn’t fit at all into standard size clothes, so I started making outfits for him. I’m getting back into sewing and find second-hand shops a great source of materials – fabrics are expensive to buy. Being able to alter my own clothes is a boon, too, as stuff doesn’t always fit, no matter what your size. Unfortunately, my main problem is pants being too short and there’s no easy fix for that… One tip, if you buy a sewing machine, make it a good quality one, even if it’s second hand. I have a nice, simple Husqvarna. No fancy-pants embroidery stuff I’d never use anyway. It’s a great machine, like a BMW compared to the cheap home-brand I had before, which specialized in scrambling the thread and puckering the fabric and generally made me lose my temper!

    PS archery sounds pretty cool. How about fencing? I’ve been thinking about trying that.

    • Thanks for the sewing tips. My mom was able to get get my sewing machine up and running. It was my paternal grandmother’s machine and hasn’t had any maintenance since before she died in 1999. Next is to see if I can learn to make what I see in my head 😉

      Fencing is one I hadn’t thought of. . .not sure if I need special clothes or equipment for that, but if archery doesn’t pan out I will definitely look into it. Thanks!

      • Making things from scratch is tricky! I often got a basic pattern that worked and altered and adjusted it to make other things, or even took measurements off clothes that fitted well. Trying out patterns in some really cheap stuff is better than wasting expensive fabric (that was a hard lesson to learn…)

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