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The Goddess Had A Great Day!

on March 9, 2014

If days were songs then I would put a day like yesterday in high rotation on my play list.  I met up with a couple of long time friends and we strolled about, stopped to observe exotic plants, took in local architecture, taught me a little Canadian history, visited a farm, added a fourth to our trio, had a lovely lunch, and performed a minor civic duty before parting ways mid-afternoon.

Not only did I have fun, but I managed to bust three challenges yesterday and one by complete fluke.  I asked my friends Vicki and Fiona to join me on a Toronto stroll and I emphasized the word stroll meaning I wasn’t aiming to break speed or distance records, but I did want to discover a part of Toronto I wasn’t familiar with.  We met at Allen Gardens and toured about while Vicki snapped photos of me for my photo shoot challenge.

2014-03-01 009 copy 2014-03-01 013 copy 2014-03-01 041 copy2014-03-01 007 copy

We then walked through Cabbage Town and en route they told me not only that we were close to Riverdale Farm, but that indeed a horse was in residence.  We did have a slight time restraint as we needed to pick up Vicki’s daughter after her dance class nearby, but we had just enough time for me to pet a horse.  His name wasn’t posted, nor was his gender and I must say I didn’t look too closely, but I feel he was a he.  He seemed more interested in his lunch than communing with me, but I was able to sneak in a couple of pats and I managed to pat a sheep for good measure.  The cow was keeping her distance though or I would have had the farm animal hat trick.

2014-03-01 045 copy 2014-03-01 044 copy

On our way back to feed the meter and pick up Sid the kid we came across a dog who seemed lost.  Vicki and I did the awkward look around thing hoping the owner would appear, but Fiona jumped into action, ran across the street and checked him for tags.  He was well looked after and friendly and then suddenly took off as his owner appeared across the park and we were back on our way.

Lunch was at the Hair of the Dog, a quaint pub with a dog theme and then we headed back to my car on Gerrard. On the way back Fiona spotted an elderly man who had fallen, up ahead and once again she dashed off to see if she could help.  Fiona, Vicki and two good Samaritans, who saw the commotion and ran across the street to help, got the gentleman up, but we assessed that he was unable to walk unaided and I called an ambulance. Soon we were back on our way and the day ended with Vicki and her daughter heading back to Allen Gardens to visit the turtles and me dropping Fiona at St. Lawrence market.  I would have done a little shopping myself as that is a favourite spot, but by then the walk was taking its toll on my back and hips.

I played around with Map My Walk and while it doesn’t account for walking through parks and farms and such all tolled we strolled roughly 5 km.  Today my bum feels like it may well fall off and my hips are sore, but I have fond memories of a wonderful day.  I got to spend time with friends, bust three challenges and I proved to myself that I could do the walk.  I sometimes get caught in a spiral where I doubt that I can do something and so I don’t even try, instead of pushing myself a bit and proving myself wrong.  I’m glad I found the courage to push myself yesterday.

As we walked we discussed other places in Toronto that we might like to explore and I think that a stroll of Little India might make for a nice adventure this summer.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “The Goddess Had A Great Day!

  1. aberka32 says:

    🙂 Looks like fun!!

  2. nancytex2013 says:

    Sounds like it was a great day!

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