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Random Thoughts On A Cold Spring Day

on March 24, 2014

I know, I know, it’s pointless and obnoxious at this point to complain about the weather especially as the snow here is melting and friends in the East and in the West are still dealing with new snow, but it’s minus something today and the seasonal average is 7 degrees Celsius.  I have a wicked head cold, I need to clean my winter coat and my car is full of sand and not the kind that makes me happy.  On the upside “Spring has sprung” as one friend texted me this weekend and it can only get better.  I’m not sure when it’s going to get better, but I’m going to make “It Can Only Get Better” my House Motto and my sigil shall be a puppy sniffing a flower.  Yes I have been re-watching Game of Thrones. . .why do you ask?

  • I think I am officially suffering from S.A.D or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The winter blahs can get us all down, but this year I’ve just been dragging in all facets of my life and on the day after we turned the clocks forward I was suddenly bopping around my house, knocking things off my to do list left and right and generally I just felt giddy.  I resented losing my hour of sleep, but that hour of sunlight was definitely worth it.  Next year I will aim be more aware of this and either make a greater effort to get out of doors or I may buy one of those sunshine lamps for my desk.
  • I need to take better care of my skin.  I’ve always had fairly soft, blemish free skin, but I’m getting older and the dry, harsh weather has taken its toll.  My dermatologist recommended Cera Ve for the very dry skin on my legs and it’s doing a good job, though it is a bit pricey compared to other over the counter creams and lotions. A couple of friends have recommended coconut oil, which if you buy it in the grocery store (as opposed to a health food store) is relatively inexpensive and it also leaves my skin pretty soft, but I have to apply it and then wrap myself in sweats or towels for fear of leaving greasy marks on furniture or bedding.  Because I wear a CPAP I can’t slather on face cream before bed as it discolours my mask and could hinder the air seal so I need to find something hydrating that is light enough to wear under make up.
  • I have been seeing an Internist for some health issues I’m dealing with and overall things are looking up, but what I really appreciated is that when I asked if things would improve if I lost some weight he didn’t jump on that as the end and be all of my current health woes.  He didn’t even make that sort of condescending head nod as if to say “do you really need me to spell that out for you?”.  He just said it’s a factor, but that genetics and stress levels factor way more into my condition than my weight.  I’m still working on losing the weight because I want to have more energy and fit better in my clothes and such, but it was so nice to not feel like what’s going on is all my fault and that even if I was a stick bug I could be dealing with these issues.
  • I’m working on writing knitting patterns for plus sized knee socks, stockings and leg warmers.  I didn’t realize there was a market for such things until a friend and I got talking about it and she bought a lovely pair of rainbow thigh high socks which only made it to her knee and then started to cut off her circulation.  I’ve only knit one complete pair of socks in my life and they would have fit a Hobbit and I need to learn more about shaping to get the best fit, but I like a challenge and I have a house full of yarn.  Since the fit can be more forgiving I’ve started with a pair of leg warmers in black and rose which I’ve mixed together.  Worst case I may need to add some elastic to help with the shaping and to keep them up, but I’m pretty excited with what’s on my needless so far.

– the Goddess


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