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Some Days I Think I Have Nothing Left To Say

on April 4, 2014

Some days I look around and I think, well, all right then.  Designers are more interested in serving the plus sized community, models are attempting to rid the world of the stigma of “plus size”,  I haven’t been ogled at the gym for months and all seems well in the land of the fat girl.  Maybe I can get off my soap box for a while.  Maybe I can just relax and stop talking about the rights of fat people. Maybe I can stop whinging about how the lever on the bus seat pokes me in my ample ass.  And then a day like last Friday happens.

Kate Bush is performing live for the first time in 35 years.  There are 22 dates at the Hammersmith Apollo theatre and tickets sold out in 15 minutes.  Kate Bush was 20 years old the last time she toured and the tour was only 6 weeks long.  Now at 55 she is playing live once again. A friend of mine, who lives in England, is one of the lucky people who got tickets and it’s possible that he will have a second pair available.   This is a phenomena, this is a once in a life time kind of thing and it’s possible that my friend will have a second pair of tickets available if his boss can’t use them.

So he posted on Facebook that he might have these additional tickets and he joked that whoever got them would have to sit next to him.  As a fan, but not an uber fan of Kate Bush, and as someone on the wrong side of the Atlantic I made a quip about “having” to sit next to my friend jokingly implying that that was a hardship and then moved on to watch videos of otters holding hands, cats in boxes and other Facebook fare.  Not long after I got a notification that someone else had commented on my friends status.  I clicked on the update and read what this woman had written:

Only if she’s lost weight and sings Wuthering Heights, Army Dreamers and Running up that Hill.

I was gobsmacked.  I can understand wanting a favourite artist to perform favourite songs, but I could not believe that this woman would make a comment about weight, especially in such a public forum.  I don’t know who this woman is, she could be a close friend or a colleague or a superior of  my friend and I didn’t want to cause him any angst or hardship so I kept my reply short and as innocuous as I could even though I actually wanted to kick this woman in the shin, really hard. I wrote:

I had no idea weight gain would affect the quality of her music or singing. . .

Her response was matter of fact with no indication that she felt that what she had said was offensive in any way.  She agreed that weight gain doesn’t alter the music or the singing, but that she wanted to see Kate Bush jumping about in a leotard.  Maybe Dame Kate Bush will, maybe she won’t, but as my friend Fiona so eloquently responded when I explained the situation to her:

I don’t know who this person is who doesn’t want to see Kate Bush unless she loses weight, but she needs to shut her filthy mouth.  Kate Bush is a national treasure, nay – a goddess,  and we should all just be thankful she deigns to exist in our realm (for now).  I would sell a non essential organ to see Kate Bush live.  She could stumble out drunk, in a miu miu and do a mime routine and I would consider myself lucky to have witnessed it. 

Fat or thin Kate Bush is a beautiful woman and if she wishes to dance or sway or jump up and down that is her prerogative.  What really bothered me though was that this woman felt completely justified in making comments about the appearance of another.  In my book, she could be no more offensive if she had started spewing racial slurs. It also bothered me that no one stood up and took this woman down a notch. Now to be fair I was guarded in my response because I don’t know who this woman is and I don’t want to make life difficult for my friend by launching into a fat girl, fight the power tirade if indeed this woman could affect his livelihood, but the situation does reinforce my commitment to speak out about such behaviour and to continue my efforts to change the minds and actions of people such as her.  I dream of a day when I don’t feel the need to speak about fat issues, but apparently that day is a little farther off than I had hoped.

– the Goddess






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