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Bloom Watch Begins!

on April 14, 2014



In 1959 the citizens of Metropolitan Tokyo gifted 2000  Cherry trees to the citizens of Toronto for accepting re-located Japanese-Canadians after WWII.  Trees were planted in High Park on the hillside which overlooks Grenadier Pond and around the east shore of the pond. Subsequent donations were planted in the same areas and in 1984 a grove of cherry trees was planted in the park.

The trees bloom in the Spring and the public descends to enjoy them.  The trick is that no one knows when the trees will bloom.  In 2012 the peak bloom was an early April 13, last year the peak bloom was May 3.  This year with the winter that just won’t end (it may snow tomorrow) it’s possible that the blooms will be delayed or may not appear at all.

Of course last year I swore that 2014 would be the year I visit the Cherry Blossoms!  I have even started organizing people to join me and make a picnic of it, but wouldn’t you know the blossoms might be late and I will be out of town from mid May until the beginning of June.

Regardless, I’m hopeful that the blossoms will make an appearance before I disappear for a few weeks and I am planning on walking through the park and partaking of a picnic lunch while surrounded by delicate pink blossoms.

If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, I encourage you to make this year the year you experience the blossoms.  They are stunning in pictures.  I can only imagine what they will be like in person.

– the Goddess





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