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Hitting The Road All Healthy-Like, Part One: Food

on April 16, 2014

In a few weeks I will be careening down Interstate 75, ahem at the speed limit Officer, on my way to the Sunshine state.  While there I will be in the water every day, resting, sleeping, meditating, eating healthy and creating my own little spa experience.  The problem is that in order to do this I must endure a minimum of two days on the road.

There is a certain allure to a road trip, wide open spaces, watching towns and cities go by and counting down the mile markers as you hurtle towards the next state line.  Driving, however means being sedentary for long stretches which could cause blood clots, aggravate sciatica, and shorten muscles.  It also means the temptation of quick, easy, and often tasty convenience food sold by clowns, kings, bears and little girls with pig tails.

It’s hard to eat a salad one handed and it’s hard to keep saying no when fried food, sweet creamy milk shakes and hot apple pies beckon you, and after all it’s a vacation right, so you deserve a treat.  Stopping at a higher end restaurant may be a better choice, but they still offer fast food fare and they can be hard on the budget and on the clock.  Losing an hour to stop for a burger just makes no sense when you can swing through a drive through or order snacks while making a pit stop.

I’ve decided however that this trip will be different. My new life view is Fit, Fun & Frugal and my vacation needs to fit this schema. This time I’m going to really work on eating healthy during my entire vacation.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be a few treats, for instance whenever I go to Florida I must visit The Hurricane restaurant in St. Pete Beach and get a grouper sandwich.  This is their specialty and in fact they have one employee who’s only job is to come in and slice the grouper fillets.  There is also an Italian market that sells a lot of delicious food including buffalo mozzarella and I’m sure we’ll go there at least once, and then there is Tijuana Flats known for their hot sauce bar which allows patrons to sample their spicy concoctions including the ever popular  “Slap My Ass” line of sauces.  But even at my favourite places to eat I can make healthier choices and I love that in the U.S. I can eschew pop and get cold, unsweetened, brewed tea.

Eating on the road however is still a problem.  I’ve come up with a few ideas as to how I can make road trip eating healthier, and as always I welcome your suggestions.  I checked the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website and other than meat products and citrus fruits it appears that I can cross with a wider variety of foodstuffs in my cooler bag than I realized.

Things I will be packing include:

Cold, sweetened coffee and tetra packed almond milk. The milk doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened and for a couple dollars for the tetra pack we can drink almond milk all day and then toss what’s left if we feel it won’t last a second day.  Ice is available at any convenience store so we can just pick it up on the road as needed.

A ziploc of veggies. Celery sticks, carrot sticks, baby tomatoes and sugar snap peas can be packed with some ice cubes to keep them fresh and cool

Bread, a small container of mustard, and a ziploc of shredded lettuce.  We can stop at a grocery store across the border and pick up some roast chicken or turkey to make sandwiches.  If we go to the deli counter we can buy only enough to make a fresh sandwich and then we can stop again should we want more later.  While at the grocery store I can also peruse the Ready Made section for items like pre-cut fruit and veggies and even prepared salads.  Still difficult to eat in motion, but assuming the weather is decent this time of year we could find a picnic table at a rest stop and take a few minutes for healthier eating.

Frozen bottles of water.  I’ve heard that freezing bottled water isn’t good for you, but it will be a good way to keep the cooler cold and I don’t think I will cause any serious harm with one or two bottles.

Almonds or mixed nuts, unroasted, and unsalted. Better than chips or other savoury snacks, if I can remember to only eat a few and not a bag full of them, plus no refrigeration required.  I may also make some Endurance crackers which will satisfy the urge to munch.

 Things I won’t be packing include:

Chips and other high salt, high fat snacks

Diet pop.  If I really need a caffeine hit I can swing through a drive through, but the iced coffee and bottled water should keep me going.

Cookies.  No I can’t just eat one so I’m going to have to leave them at home.

Candy and other sweet treats.  I’m thinking there might have to be a small bag of gummy worms in case of emergency, but I’m really not a sweets person, I just snack on them on the road because they are there.  No sweets, no eats.


We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping with a little planning I can save us some money and a lot of calories.

– the Goddess





3 responses to “Hitting The Road All Healthy-Like, Part One: Food

  1. Awesome plan. And the food sounds way more appealing than truck-stop fare. Perhaps with some soft tortilla wraps or pita you can construct sandwiches that will have more structural integrity than slices of bread for eating one-handed.

  2. tinfoil27 says:

    Have a nice get Away to Florida! Enjoy your time.

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