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Product Review 0013 –

on April 25, 2014

Today I was poking around my Twitter account and I saw that I had notifications.  It turns out people have been tweeting me and I have been ignoring them because, well, I didn’t realize one could do that.

A few months ago I started to search for fitness and health ideas and if I saw an interesting account I followed it.  One such account is Spaplay.  Back in November they invited me to try out their fitness based game, but alas I only just realized this today.  Better late than never I did create an account and ya know what, it was kind of cute and more than a little fun.

The point of the game is to create your own spa, much like games where you run your own lemonade stand or build your own roller coaster, but the twist is that in order to succeed in the game you have fitness “sparks” that allow you to earn points.

I can’t exactly jump up and do Burpees at the office, but I did do some ankle rolls and head rolls and I can definitely take the stairs or a walk around the building at break time in order to level up.  Of course, I could have done this without the game, but it does make it more fun to see my spa progress.

The graphics aren’t as jazzy as some of the apps I’ve been fiddling with lately, and the idea of building up and getting “rewards” for fitness goals is similar to the app I’ve been working on, but it was fun to play with.  The real test will be if I continue to play with it after the initial allure of seeing things pop up on the game board, but anything to get a goddess moving works for me.

I give it 8 out of 10 goddesses

– the Goddess


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