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There Be Dragons

on September 17, 2014

I left Toronto on September 2nd and after a two night stopover in Washington DC to see the sights, I got to Florida on the 5th.  It’s now the 17th and I have to say I’m pleased with my progress.  I haven’t stuck to my outline perfectly and there have been some obstacles like a cut foot, girl stuff and swollen legs from hours in the car, but I’ve been in the pool every day and I’m already noticing positive changes.  I was a little worried at first because I was having issues with tired and heavy legs due to my circulation issues, but I discovered that hitting the pool first thing in the morning before running any errands, which was the original plan I just got away from it, solves the problem.  In fact it gives me so much energy that for at least an hour afterwards I’m bouncing off the walls.

The possible loneliness issue has been solved since the boyfriend has decided that instead of going back after a couple of weeks he will stay for the entire six weeks in Florida.  It’s thrown off my schedule a little and we’ve played tourist a little more than I planned, but we also spent a beautiful day in Fort DeSoto County Park  and jumped in the waves from noon to sunset and on Sunday we walked over two kilometres around downtown Tampa and while the heat and humidity and an afternoon rain storm made the walk a bit challenging, I didn’t have any pain in my feet or legs and while I was breathing heavy at times I wasn’t struggling or gasping, I was just a girl on a walk and it was a really good feeling. This is our view from our umbrella on the beach and the other is me at the top of Fort DeSoto after walking up a lot of stairs.

Fort DeSoto Beach 1 Fort DeSoto Beach 2

This is me on the trolley the runs eleven stops in Tampa.  It’s a 1920’s trolley, with a few updates.  It doesn’t go very far or very fast, but it was air conditioned and a nice place to refresh ourselves after the heat and humidity.





Working out in the pool can get boring, but my waterproof MP3 player helps with that.  The instructions that came with it seem to be for a different, yet similar, device, but it’s not that hard to figure out and the sound quality is decent, so for the price I’m quite happy.  It can be a little isolating as I can’t hear outside noise when the waterproof earphones are in, but it also keeps people from chatting with me and interrupting my workout which is a good thing.

The greatest challenge of my adventure thus far have been the wild geckos that seem to prefer my condo to the heat and humidity outside. About the size of my thumb from their tip to their tail, the first one lived in the kitchen for two days before the boyfriend managed to trap him under a colander and escorted him outdoors.  The next gecko ran in when I was going to the pool a couple of days later.  He zipped past me and I nearly didn’t see him as he blended in with the carpet. After what I can only describe as an impressive rescue effort involving a pair of flip flops and a pool noodle I managed to ferry him outside and deposited him on the railing down the walkway.  Sadly in my efforts I didn’t remember that their tails will come off if grabbed and he scurried up the living room wall while a piece of his tail remained, to my horror, between my thumb and forefinger.  Yesterday I found a third gecko in our cooler bag, but he was dead.  He also appeared to have a shorter than normal tail which means that he may have been the second gecko that got in, but I am trying not to think about that.  When I called my mom last night she asked how dead it was.  Dead is pretty black and white, but he was a little dried out.

Today I will finally have internet in the condo.  It’s surprising just how hard it is for a non-resident to get decent internet service in the U.S. without paying a fortune.  Thankfully the boyfriend is with me and is a techie kind of person or I would have just given up and spent a lot of  evenings in the bookstore cafe.  Speaking of which my iced chai latte is almost done so time to head out.

– the Goddess


One response to “There Be Dragons

  1. NancyTex says:

    Cynthia, I’m so happy for you!
    If you’re looking for a bit of added motivation or inspiration, I have a guest post on my blog tomorrow. I met Todd at BLR. He was kicking off a one-week stay the week I arrived. His story is wicked cool – all he’s accomplished – so inspirational! Hope you’ll give it a read in the next couple if days – and I hope it gives you that little boost!

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