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Well That’s One Way To Do It

on October 2, 2014

I’ll post some pics later, but I’m just taking a quick break before returning to the pool.  While my place is being painted, boyfriend and I decided to head off to Miami and right now I’m in a lovely hotel in South Beach.  I think it’s Miami Beach, but I keep getting confused.  Anyway, the weather is good, the water is warm and the bed is soft so I’m a happy goddess.

This does seem to be the place for pretty and thin and we’ll pretty thin people, but everyone is polite and friendly and so far a guy at the beach called me baby and another called me sweetheart with a big , friendly grin so I feel just as objectified as the average gal. (I kid, I kid!)

The only obstacle so far is the beach.  We’d hoped for a beach front hotel, but it’s more of a down the street beach.  The walk no problem, the water is lovely except for some scratchy kelp that found it’s way into my swimsuit, but the walk into the water was a bitch.  As you walk into the water there is a squishy, shelf of sand you must cross.  Going in was bad enough, getting out nearly saw me crawling on hands and knees.  Not the most glam of looks.  The second time out boyfriend opted to push me from behind on my behind to help me out of the water and he kept yelling run when I could barely take a step.  The visual must have been like something out of Whale Rider when the community tries to free the beached whales.  I decided today I would opt for the pool.  Not so much from embarrassment, but more because I’m not the best beach goer on a good day and flailing and struggling to get in and out kind of iced that cake for me.

Otherwise my personal bootcamp is on track.  I’ve already run in the pool for a bit and done my 500 crunches, and now I’m heading back to run some more before lunch.

Hasta la vista!

– the Goddess


One response to “Well That’s One Way To Do It

  1. NancyTex says:

    Atta girl, Cynthia! Keep up the great (and hard) work. No one said it would be easy, but…it’s so worth it. I am OVER THE MOON excited because I just booked a return visit to the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu. I’ll be there the week of April 12th. I’m psyched! (That will turn to sheer terror and dread in the weeks leading up to it, though. 😉

    Good luck on your remaining personal bootcamp trip!

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