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on February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day is upon us.  For some it’s a day of fun and frivolity with the person they love and for some it’s a stark reminder that they are a singleton in a world that favours coupling.  Most years I’ve been single on Valentine’s.  I’ve talked before about how the people who love me were clear that no one would ever be romantically interested in a girl like me, so I just let the day go by and bought silly cards for friends or for my parents.  My father always sent me a Valentine, sometimes my mother does, and for a long time I just accepted that that was my fate.  You, however, do not have to accept this.  You do not have to be in a relationship to be a whole, beautiful, wonderful person, but you also do not have to live your life alone because people tell you that no one will love the fat girl.

A few months ago I got my heart broken.  Actually it was broken several times during our four year roller coaster of a relationship, but I was loved and I did love.  I am a fat girl and someone loved me.  The very fact that someone loved me and made love with me reinforced for me that indeed there are people who love women like me.  We need role models.  We need to see that, despite the opinions of many around us, we are lovable.

Today I found  There are hundreds of photos of fat people of various shapes and sizes in various poses and states of undress.  Depending on your workplace this may be NSFW, so please do be careful, but what I truly loved were the Valentine pictures.  These are pictures of of fat people and their lovers.  In reading the description of the Adipositivity Project the point is to show people of size and promote acceptance of all shapes and sizes.  Perhaps if more of us see that people who look like us have lovers and do love and are loved then they too will be open to finding love.  I often joke about being oblivious to flirting and romantic interest.  I’m not actually oblivious, I’ve just spent a lot of time ignoring these behaviours because I assumed people weren’t interested. Even now, several dates and a few boyfriends later, I can still be very insecure when meeting someone new and starting a new relationship. The same old insecurities rise up and I have to fight tooth and nail to push them back down. Pictures like the ones on are not only for the education and enlightenment of the average person.  They are for the above average person, like myself, who needs to see herself and her beauty though a different lens.

– the Goddess







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